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Flor in Jerez-Xérèz-Sherryvara y pulgar, in Jerez-Xérèz-Sherry

Masterclass series – course 4.


Delve into the diverse world of Sherry and explore the  Sherry Styles, Grapes, and Terroir of Jerez, and San Lucar de Barrameda

Certified by OMESI, New Spain Wines, & the Consejo Regulador de Jerez, Xérès, Sherry & San Lucar de Barrameda
Available in English, or Spanish – by Certified Sherry Educators

This professional course is certified in collaboration with the Consejo Regulador Jerez-Xérèz-Sherry. The history, culture, climate, regionality, grape varieties, viticulture, viniculture and wine laws are examined and reinforced with a dynamic and disciplined tasting component that accompanies each session during which, we will taste a broad selection of Jerez – Xérès – Sherry’s finest treasures, including some of the most prized, ancient VOS, and VORS Sherries in the world!

You will discover the full spectrum of Sherry wine styles and taste in a focused, educational environment. Learn why each of the Sherry styles is so unique in flavour, aromas and in colour, and what factors influence each style to create the resulting wine. Explore food pairing ideas that you can incorporate into your menu planning, or simply when you are out enjoying a glass of Sherry. By the time you leave our Sherry class you will have obtained a full grasp of the world of Sherry wine.

Whether you have completed or are working through your professional wine certifications such as ISG or WSET, work in the Hospitality Industry or Wine Trade, this is an exciting and progressive course that is an invaluable resource for an increasingly growing and diverse market for Spanish wines, and particularly the rediscovery of Sherry Wines.

19 hours in class, presented in consecutive 8 hour segments, plus exams
Intensive Tasting Component
Power Point Presentation
Printed booklet05 Logo, Jerez-Xérèz-Sherry

Day 1 – 8hrs

  1. Introduction / Historical Background
  2. The “Consejo Regulador”
  3. Sherry Viticulture
  4. Sherry Wine-making / “Flor”
  5. The Diversity of Sherry (part 1)
  6. Production of biologically aged Sherry
  7. Sherry aging – la Crianza
  8. Diversity of Sherry (part 2)
  9. Production of Oxidatively aged Sherry

Day 2 – 8hrs

  1. The Diversity of Sherry (part 3)
  2. Production of Sweet Sherry
  3. The Diversity of Sherry (part 4)
  4. Production of Blended Sherry
  5. The Diversity of Sherry (part 5)
  6. Production of VOS and VORS
  7. Enjoying Sherry / pairings
  8. Questions

Day 3 – 3hrs

  1. Questions / review
  2. Theoretical Exam
  3. Practical Exam (blind tasting)
  4. Closing – Reveal Exam Wines

Course Fee: $395.00 Canadian Dollars

Vancouver BC Canada – March 29, 30, 31st

Toronto ONT – June 13,14,15th

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All course materials will be provided on the first day of class. We’re looking forward to meeting you there!
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