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OMESI Masterclass series – course 2.


Exploring it’s Wines, Grapes, Wine Styles and Terroir 

Students will obtain an in depth, solid understanding of the diversity of French wines through exploring all of the wine regions, wine laws, local cuisine, grape varieties and the subsequent wines. They will learn why the wines are the way they are, as well as the history behind them, and the current trends and styles.

Classes will begin with power point presentations and lectures, followed by guided tastings with qualified wine professionals. 

available in English or Spanish

– students must have a solid foundation of wine knowledge as a pre-requisite, we recommend that students first successfully complete ‘Wines, a Global Perspective’ before attempting this curriculum.

– 64 in class hours

– executed in 3 hour sessions, twice a week

– expect to study a minimum of 1 hr per day

– a comprehensive tasting component


Sessions will include the following:

  1. Orientation, French Wine Law, and Introductory Tasting
  2. The Loire
  3. Alsace
  4. Champagne
  5. Burgundy (Chablis and Beaujolais)
  6. Burgundy (Côte de Nuits)
  7. Burgundy (Còte de Beaune)
  8. Languedoc – Roussillon
  9. Languedoc – Roussillon
  10. Northern Rhone
  11. Southern Rhone
  12. South East France
  13. Bordeaux (right bank)
  14. Bordeaux (left bank)
  15. Bordeaux Satellites
  16. Southwest France
  17. Vin de Pays/the changing faces
  18. Cremants of France
  19. Cheeses of France
  20. Cognac, Brandy, Marc, Liqueurs
  21. Exams – Theoretical – Multiple Choice, and Blind Tasting analysis of 6 wines

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